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Overview of the ASP.NET

·         Introduction of different Web Technology

·         What is Asp.Net

·         How Asp.Net Works

·         Use of visual studio

·         Different Languages used in Asp.Net.

·         Summary


·         Common Language Runtime (CLR)

·         .NET Framework Class Library.

·         Summary

Setting up and Installing ASP.NET

·         Installing Internet Information Server

·         Installation of Asp.Net

·         virtual directory

·         Application Setting in IIS.

·         Summary

Microsoft SQL Server 2008

·         Overview of SQL Server 2008

·         Installation of SQL Server 2008

·         Features of SQL Server Express

·         SQL Server 2008 Express management tools

·         Summary

Coding Standards

·         Overview of coding standards follows during programming

·         Summary

HTML, CSS & JavaScript

·         Basic of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

·         Summary

Asp.Net Standard Controls

·         Displaying information

o   Label Controls

o   Literal Controls

o   Bulleted List

·         Accepting User Input

o   Textbox controls

o   RadioButton and RadioButtonList Controls

o   CheckBox and CheckBoxList Controls

o   Button controls

o   LinkButton Control

o   ImageButton Control

o   Using Hyperlink Control

o   DropDownList

o   ListBox

·         Displaying Images

o   Image Control

o   Image Map Control

o   Using Panel Control

o   Using Hyperlink Control


·         Page & State Management

·         Overview of events in page

·         Summary

Asp.Net Validation Controls + Javascript Validation

·         Required Field Validator Control

·         Regular Expression Validator Control

·         Compare Field Validator Control

·         Range Validator Control

·         Validation Summary Control

·         Custom Validator Control

·         Summary

Designing Websites with master pages

·         Creating master pages

·         Creating default contents

·         Nesting master pages

·         Registering master pages in web configuration

·         Summary

Using the Rich Controls

·         Accepting File Uploads

·         Saving files to file system

·         Calendar Control

·         Displaying advertisements

·         Displaying Different Page view

·         Displaying a Tabbed Page View

·         Wizard Control

·         Summary

SQL Server Basic

·         Database Architecture

·         Data Manipulation Language (DML)

·         Data Definition Language (DDL)

·         Manipulation of Data (SQL Command)

·         Stored Procedure

·         Function

·         Trigger

·         Views

·         Cursor

Overview of Data Access

·         Creating database connections

·         Connecting to MSSQL Server and MS Access

·         DataSet & DataTable Features

·         Using inline SQL Statements

·         Using Stored Procedures

·         Executing select commands

·         Sql Transaction

·         Summary


·         Data Type and syntax Language Fundamentals

·         Classes

·         Namespaces

·         Object Oriented Programming concepts

·         Overview of Asp.Net inbuilt Classes and method

·         File Handling

·         Summary

Using the Grid View Control

·         Grid View Control fundamentals

·         Displaying Data

·         Using Data Keys

·         Sorting Data

·         Paging through Data

·         Summary

Using the Details View and Form View Controls

·         Using the Details View control

·         Displaying data with the DetailsView control

·         Using Fields with the DetailsView control

·         Displaying Empty data with the DetailsView control

·         Summary

Using Repeater and Data List Controls

·         Using Repeater Control

·         Displaying data with the Repeater Control

·         Displaying Data with the Data List Control

·         Summary

Using Navigation Controls

·         Understanding Site Maps

·         Using the Sitemap Path Control

·         Formatting the Sitemap Path Control

·         Using the Menu Control

·         Using Tree View Control

·         Summary            

Working with XML and Web Services

·         Overview of XML

·         Creating /Reading/Deleting XML Files

·         Web Services

·         Summary

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

·         About Ajax

·         Setting up and implementing Ajax

·         Summary

FTP Management

·         Understanding FTP

·         Setting up FTP Server (Live)

·         Uploading and downloading FTP contents

·         Summary

Sending Emails

·         Designing email panel

·         How to send an email to various users

·         Sending auto emails

·         Summary


·         Deploying application on Web Server

·         Summary

Live Project

·         Getting customer’s requirements

·         Preparing database and business logics

·         Developing application

·         Testing and implementing the project

·         Troubleshooting the project application after implementation

·         Summary