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Course Syllabus

1.1 What is computer?

§ Characteristics of Computers

§ Basic Applications of Computer

1.2 Components of Computer System


§ Central Processing Unit(CPU)

§ VDU, Keyboard and Mouse

§ Other input/output Devices

§ Computer Memory

§ Concepts of Hardware and Software

1.3 Classifications of computers

·         1.4 Representation of data/Information concepts of data processing

§ Definition of Information and data

§ Basic data types

§ Storage of data/Information as files

Introduction to Windows

·         2.1What is an operating system and basics of Windows

2.2 The User Interface

§ Using Mouse and Moving Icons on the screen

§ The My Computer Icon

§ The Recycle Bin

§ Status Bar, Start and Menu & Menu-selection

§ Running an Application

§ Windows Explorer Viewing of File, Folders and


§ Creating and Renaming of files and folders

§ Opening and closing of different Windows

2.3 Windows Setting

§ Control Panels

§ Wall paper and Screen Savers

§ Setting the date and Sound

§ Concept of menu Using Help

·         2.4 Advanced Windows

o   Using right Button of the Mouse

o   Creating Short cuts

o   Basics of Window Setup

o   Notepad

o   Window Accessories

Basic DOS commands

3.1 Comparison of DOS and Windows

3.2 Switching Between DOS and Windows

3.3 Basic DOS Commands

o   File/Directory Manipulations

o   Copying of files and Disks

o   Delete/Undelete

o   Formatting a floppy

o   Elements of Word Processing

4.1 Word Processing Basic

o   An Introduction to Word Processing

o   Opening Word Processing Package

o   The Menu Bar

o   Using the Help

o   Using the Icons below menu bar

·         4.2 Opening Documents and Closing documents

§ Opening Documents

§ Save and Save AS

§ Page Setup

§ Printing of Documents

§ Display/Hiding of Paragraph Marks and Inter

·         Word Space

5.4 Spread sheets for Small accountings

    • Maintaining invoices/budgets
    • Totaling of various transactions
    • Maintaining daily and monthly sales reports

6. Computer Communication and Internet

6.1 Basic of Computer networks

    • LAN
    • WAN

6.2 Internet

    • Concept of Internet
    • Application of Internet
  • 6.3 Service on Inter Net
    • WWW and web-sites
    • Electronic mails
    • Communication on Internet

7. WWW and Web Browsers

7.1 Web Browsing software

    • Internet Explorer
    • Netscape Communicator

7.2 Surfing the Internet

    • Giving the URL address
    • Search
    • Moving Around in a web-site
    • Printing or saving portion of web pages
    • Down loading

7.3 Chatting on Internet

8. Email

8.1 Basic of electronic mail

    • What is an Electronic mail
    • Email addressing
    • Mailbox: Inbox and outbox

8.2 Using Emails

    • Viewing an email
    • Sending an Email
    • Saving mails
    • Sending same mail to various users

8.3 Document handling

    • Sending soft copy as attachment
    • Enclosures to email
    • Sending a Portion of document as email

9. Making Small Presentations

9.1 Basics

    • Difference between presentation and document
    • Using Power Point
    • Opening a Power Point Presentation
    • Using Wizard for creating a presentation

9.2 Creation of Presentation

    • Title
    • Text Creation
    • Fonts and Sizes
    • Bullets and indenting
    • Moving to Next Slide

9.3 Preparation of Slides

    • Selection of type of Slides
    • Importing text from word documents
    • Moving to next Slide
    • The Slide manager

9.4 Providing aesthetics

    • Slide Designs
    • Background and Text colors
    • Making your own slide format
    • Footnotes and slide numbering

9.5 Slide Manipulation and Slide Show

9.6 Presentation of the Slides

    • Using the Slide Show
    • Printing the Slides and Handouts
    • Slide sorter
    • Title sorter